The 40 plus project: The GameChangers

The idea: Global Goals 1, 4, 5, 8, 10, 17; Tackle social, age, gender stereotypes and inequality, promote career change to 40+ age group. Develop : • A European platform/one stop shop and educational tool in order to provide online and offline training, coaching and mentoring to “young” in the field social entrepreneurs or career changers • An incubator, accelerator on Sustainable Development Pillars and Social Entrepreneurship • Exchange know- how of Soc Ents, initiatives, projects. • Promote cross generation exchange of know- how, while also calling for refugees of the 40+ group who wish to acquire new skills • Map out services already available, as well as skills and needs for 40+ Start uppers or in career re-definition process , in order to identify gaps and best practice in service delivery on Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Goals 4 pillars • Career-Changers the next intrapreneurs • Design the content of the platform which will provide holistic services , such as online and offline training, boot camps, coaching and mentoring and educational tools and courses • Identify market potential and connections to labor market, impact investors and big corporations CSR • Piloting, prototype, review, and refine concept and roll out • Overall duration 18 months from launching event to end of piloting-prototype • Tap into the wealth of knowledge, experience and talents of 40+ to address the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda • Provide a holistic bespoke support service that is currently non available for 40+ and on as GameChangers • Maximize the use of ICT tools in order to generate Impactimage

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