Inspired by the Global Goals on Sustainable Development



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We turn CSR into an Impact Investment tool




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We turn CSR into Corporate Social Entrepreneurship





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Links today’s enterprises to tomorrow’s business models



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Advisory Council

A team of experts from diverse backgrounds committed in SDGs promoting cross sectors innovation and social entrepreneurship as cornerstones of impact activity. Intent at building a network of likeminded stakeholders.

The Benefits


Experience in connecting established businesses with the advantages of Grass Root Projects (GRP)and Social Entrepreneurship


We connect you  to GRP, SocEnt and New Economy. Multiply market impact, Open up to new customers/consumers, Create financial value with innovative tools.



Lasting development and support from A to Z via an interactive model


GRP’s have multiplied answering society’s need to  participate in designing a new financial & business model, that puts citizens needs into spotlight

Why BeyondCSR

The Challenge

CSR funding today – CSR funds

Donated to NGO’s or other organizations and institutions for humanitarian or other one-shot projects.

 The Response

Beyond CSR proposal CSR funds

Funded to sustainable social enterprises and business models related to funder’s activity. Multiple social beneficiaries, NGO’s involved as consultants – Wider awareness.


We are a team of experts from diverse backgrounds committed in SDGs promoting cross sectors innovation and social entrepreneurship as cornerstones of impact activity. Intent at building a network of likeminded stakeholders.

Founding Members

At BeyondCSR


We integrate New Economy

We integrate New Economy ( Social, financial, cultural & environmental innovation) into corporations CSR and business strategies for grassroots and long-term impact projects and focus on key areas of expertise

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We develop CSR into a Systemic Change mechanism

We develop CSR into a Systemic/Social Change mechanism with the aim of delivering long term impact to society and responsible returns for businesses committed to community development

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Responsible Profits

We manage budgeted resources for CSR to create value with an impact for both business and society. We generate a direct risk-free economic benefit for the company which will be reflected in the next balance sheet.

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Who do we work with/Who we support

Corporations , International Organizations  Governments,  International & Local NGOs, SMEs, Entrepreneurs

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Committed in SDGs and promoting Social Entrpreneurship, our projects cover ventures ranging from Banking & Finance, to Access to Justice, Policy innovation, Education,  Creative Industry, ICT & Digital Economy, Gender Issues, Food,Agriculture and Consumer Issues.
Point of focus: Cities, Community growth and progress.

Our Projects

Refugees Call

BeyondCSR Net - The first global public diplomacy social media campaign “Resolution Call on Refugee Crisis” tweet, post your ideas! 30/03/2016 21:29 When: March 14- April 8 Where: Online, Twitter-Facebook Global The first global public diplomacy social media campaign...
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Co-working spaces as enabler for sustainable solutions to refugee crisis

Co-working spaces as enabler for sustainable solutions to refugee crisis   BeyondCSRNet and Visions2Ventures based on “Co-working spaces” idea  of  Changemakers Lab,  hosted under the auspices of the Mayor of Lesvos,  the support of European Commission’s...
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Digital Forum

Digital Forum Athens “ Disrupt our Future”, the impact of Digital Technology into accomplishing SDGoals. BeyondCSRNet-London-Athens, in collaboration with YouRule-Athens and the New Diplomacy Centre-Belgrade, organised the Second Digital Forum, an initiative focused...
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The 40 plus project

BeyondCSR within the context of its Global Goals on Sustainable Development Initiatives, launched in collaboration with Impact Hub Athens, on Tuesday March 14th, “The 40+ project: The GameChangers”.
On Tuesday March 14th we exploited the potential of 40+ start uppers and career changers. Our focus is on Sustainable Development’s 4 pillars:cultural vibrancy, economic prosperity, environmental responsibility and social justice. Prevailing business model Social Entrepreneurship.
The idea: Global Goals 1, 4,5, 8, 10, 17; Tackle social, age, gender stereotypes and inequality, promote career change to 40+ age group.
Develop :
• A European platform/one stop shop and educational tool in order to provide online and offline training, coaching and mentoring to “young” in the field social entrepreneurs or career changers
• An incubator, accelerator on Sustainable Development Pillars and Social Entrepreneurship
• Exchange know- how of Soc Ents, initiatives, projects.
• Promote cross generation exchange of know- how, while also calling for refugees of the 40+ group who wish to acquire new skills
• Map out services already available, as well as skills and needs for 40+ Start uppers or in career re-definition process , in order to identify gaps and best practice in service delivery on Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Goals 4 pillars
• Career-Changers the next intrapreneurs
• Design the content of the platform which will provide holistic services , such as online and offline training, boot camps, coaching and mentoring and educational tools and courses
• Identify market potential and connections to labor market, impact investors and big corporations CSR
• Piloting, prototype, review, and refine concept and roll out
• Overall duration 18 months from launching event to end of piloting-prototype
• Tap into the wealth of knowledge, experience and talents of 40+ to address the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda
• Provide a holistic bespoke support service that is currently non available for 40+ and on as GameChangers
• Maximize the use of ICT tools in order to generate Impact